On-demand Viewing

Some lectures were recorded during the meeting and are available for on-demand viewing.

On-demand Viewing Period

August 10-31, 2021

How to view

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On-demand streaming program

Plenary Lecture 1PL01-1 Rui Costa
Plenary Lecture 1PL01-2 Feng Zhang
Plenary Lecture 2PL01 Sonja Hofer
Plenary Lecture 3PL01 Mark Schnitzer
Brain Prize Lecture 4BPL01 Michel Goedert
Special Lecture 2SL01 Karl Deisseroth
Special Lecture 3SL01-1 Takeshi Sakurai
Special Educational Lecture 2SEL01 Sayaka Oki
Educational Lecture 2EL03 Tomoyuki Furuyashiki
Educational Lecture 2EL04 Takayasu Mikuni
Educational Lecture 2EL06 Kazuhiro Nakamura
Educational Lecture 2EL07 Aya Ito-Ishida
Educational Lecture 3EL02 Kiyoto Kasai
Educational Lecture 3EL03 Yukie Nagai
Educational Lecture 3EL06 Mariko Miyata
Nakaakira Tsukahara Memorial Award Lecture 1AL01-1 Hiro Furukawa
Toshihiko Tokizane Memorial Award Lecture 2AL01 Masaharu Noda
Joseph Altman Award in Developmental Neuroscience Award Lecture 3AL01 Sergiu P Pasca
Symposium 1S02m, 1S09m, 3S03a  
CJK Plenary Lecture 2CJKSL01 Richard W. Tsien
CJK Plenary Lecture 4CJKSL01-1 Yulong Li

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