Information for Participants

1.Format of the meeting

We place the utmost importance on the safety and security of all who are involved in this meeting: presenters, participants, organizers, and staff, and adopt a hybrid format for the meeting: on-site in Kobe and online.
For participants who come to the meeting site in Kobe, we ask your understanding and cooperation in COVID-19 infection control measures. Please click here for detailed information.
For online participants, please log into Meeting Planner2021 to participate in the meeting.



Date On-site Registration Online Registration
Hours Location
July 28 7:30-17:30 Foyer, 1F, Building No.2,
Kobe International Exhibition Center
Available 24 hours a day
July 29
July 30
July 31 Closed Closed

Pre-registered participants:

Participants who have already registered and paid for the meeting are asked to download and print your own meeting badge from the online registration system prior to the meeting. Please be sure to bring it with you when you come to the meeting site. Download of the meeting badge is available from Thursday, July 22.
Please pick up a badge holder and congress bag at the Registration Desk. Participants not wearing meeting badges will be refused entry into meeting rooms.

On-site registration:

  • Register at the Registration Desk and receive your meeting badge and receipt. Please make sure to wear your meeting badge at all times during the meeting.
  • Only cash payment is accepted. We do not accept payments by credit cards or electronic payments.
  • On-site registration fees are as follows.
  Members Nonmembers
General JPY 26,000

JPY 30,000

Graduate students JPY 3,000

JPY 5,000

Undergraduate students Free


* Tax category of Registration Fees: Members, Tax-free; Nonmembers, Tax included.
Note: Students are required to show a valid student ID card.


Online participants:
Register for the meeting on the online registration system which is linked to the meeting website. You will receive an email including login information for the viewing site once you complete payment for the registration fee.




A cloakroom is available for storing your luggage, however, we may reduce the size of cloak space for COVID-19 infection prevention. Please be advised that valuables, umbrellas, and perishable goods are not accepted.

Cloakroom opening hours and locations are as follows:

Date Hours Location
July 28 7:30-19:00

1F Building No.2, Kobe International Exhibition Hall

July 29
July 30
July 31 Closed



4.The General Assembly

The General Assembly is now an Online General Assembly. Consequently, we ask each member to review the agenda items and to vote online for whether they approve each item.

  1. Online General Assembly Deliberations and Voting Website URL:
  2. Deliberations and Voting Period: July 20 to 31, 2021
  3. Deliberations and Voting Eligibility: Regular Members, Overseas Regular Members, Junior Members and Overseas Junior Members


5.Exhibition and Book Shops

Exhibition, Academia Exhibition, and book shops will be open as follows:

  • Date & Time: July 28-29 9:00-17:00, July 30 9:00-15:30
  • Location: Building No. 2, Kobe International Exhibition Center / 3F, Kobe International Conference Center (Publisher Booth)


6.Luncheon Seminar Tickets

Lunch services at Luncheon Seminars will be provided by sponsoring companies and groups.
Number of tickets varies depending on each seminar. Ticket distribution will be closed as all the tickets are distributed.
To attend a Luncheon Seminar, you need a ticket for each seminar due to limited number of packed lunches offered at a seminar.

Pre-registered participants

Please come to the luncheon seminar desk by 11:30 on the day of the seminar you registered for and show the confirmation email of your registration to receive the luncheon seminar ticket.

Participants who register on-site

We strongly recommend that you come to the following place early to receive a luncheon seminar ticket since the number of tickets is limited.

Luncheon Seminar Desk

Location:1F, No.2 Building, Kobe International Exhibition Center
* Tickets are limited to one ticket per day per attendee.
Ticket Distribution Date & Time:July 28, 8:00-11:30
July 29 & 30 7:30-11:30
* Only tickets for the seminars scheduled for the day will be distributed.


A Luncheon Seminar Ticket will be invalid after the start time of each seminar (12:20).
Please arrive at the seminar rooms before the start time. If you do not show up in the room by the start time, your lunch will be provided to another attendee who does not have a ticket.

Attending Luncheon Seminars without tickets

You can attend a Luncheon Seminar without a ticket, however, note that no lunch service will be provided.


7.Credits for Specialist Doctors, Board-Certified Doctors, and Trainee Board- Certified Pharmacist

With your participation in Neuroscience2021, you will be able to obtain credits for training programs from the respective societies listed below. Please take this opportunity if you are enrolled in any of these training programs:

  • Japanese Society of Neurology
  • Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology *1
  • Japanese Society of Child Neurology
  • Japanese Psychogeriatric Society
  • Japanese Pharmacists Education Center

To apply for the credits, show your meeting badge and a receipt to those respective societies. Please contact societies directly for more information.
*1 You can renew your specialist certification with the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology by attending any one of designated lectures.

<On-site Participants>
After you attended one of the designated lectures, please come to “General Registration” desk to fill and submit the form.

<Online Participants>
After you have viewed one of the designated lectures, please inform the meeting secretariat via e-mail.
The secretariat will report your attendance to the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology after it is verified by the viewing history recorded on the website.

<E-mail information for credit application>
E-mail to:
The 44th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society Secretariat
Title: Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology: Application for Credits
Necessary Information: Please include the following information in your e-mail:
 (1) Your membership ID of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, your name, affiliation, and registration number
 (2) The number of the session you watched. e.g. 1SL01
Deadline: August 6, 2021


July 28
Special Lecture
Kaoru Inokuchi (University of Toyama)
 Time:15:30-16:30 Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

July 29
Special Educational Lecture
Sayaka Oki (Nagoya University)
 Time:12:20-13:20  Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Educational Lectures
Tomoyuki Furuyashiki (Kobe University) 
Time:8:00-8:50 Room: Room 3 (Reception Hall)

Aya Ito-Ishida (Keio University)
 Time: 8:00-8:50 Room: Room 7 (502)

Takuya Takahashi (Yokohama City University), Rieko Muramatsu (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)
 Time: 9:00-11:00 Room: Room 6 (501)

Dan Ohtan Wang (Kyoto University), Zheng Li (National Institutes of Health)
 Time: 9:00-11:00 Room: Room 9 (504+505)

Tomoyuki Furuyashiki (Kobe University), Scott J. Russo (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai)
 Time: 9:00-11:00 Room: Room 10 (3A)

Norio Ozaki (Nagoya University)
 Time: 16:40-18:40 Room: Room 10 (3A)

July 30
Special Lectures
Takeshi Sakurai (University of Tsukuba)
 Time:8:00-9:00  Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Yukiko Goda (RIKEN)
 Time:15:30-16:30  Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Educational Lectures
Kiyoto Kasai (The University of Tokyo)
 Time: 8:00-8:50 Room: Room 2 (International Conference Room)

Yukie Nagai (The University of Tokyo)
 Time: 8:00-8:50 Room: Room 3 (Reception Hall)

Hiroaki Wake (Nagoya University)
 Time: 8:00-8:50 Room: Room 4 (401+402)

Toru Takumi (Kobe University), Nadine Gogolla (Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology)
 Time: 9:00-11:00  Room: Room1 (Main Hall)

Hidenori Yamasue (Hamamatsu University), Takefumi Kikusui (Azabu University)
 Time: 9:00-11:00  Room: Room 10 (3A)


8.Abstract Search / Schedule Creation System

Please use the JNS Meeting Planner2021. It will be linked to the meeting website.


9. Internet service, copying and printing

Free Wi-Fi service is available in the meeting site. Electrical outlets are also available at the resting space. You can make copies or print at convenience stores near the meeting site. There are ATMs in those stores.


10. Drink Service

Drink Service

Free drinks will be served at the exhibition room from July 28 to 30.
Please be advised that the number of drinks we can serve is limited.

Coffee stand

You can purchase a cup of coffee at the coffee stand in the exhibition room from July 28-30.


11.Press Room

The Japan Neuroscience Society is willing to provide Information to the press as part of its PR activities. For this purpose, a Press Room will be set up for reporters. Media representatives are required to make press registration by showing their press credentials (freelance writers by showing their personal ID and copies of several published articles) and by presenting their business cards at the General Information Desk. Registered media can invite researchers for interviews to the Press Room. Photography, shooting or recording of interviews are allowed only in the Press Room. This room is also available as a working space.
 Opening Hours: July 28-29, 9:00-19:00
 Location: Room 407, 4F, Kobe International Conference Center


12.Participants with Children

Day Care Service[Reservation required]

Please visit the meeting website for detailed information on Day Care Service.
Most of the expenses for running the Daycare Room comes from a meeting budget with the understanding and cooperation of all other participants. We are aware that there are some instances when inconveniences are made to our Daycare Room users, but we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation as we are running the facility and services on a limited budget.

Childcare Room

A Childcare Room will be available for having meal or rest breaks with your child / children or for diaper changing. Pre-registration is not required. Please note that you must stay with your child / children when using the room as there will be no staff in attendance.
Neuroscince2021 will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during your use of this room.
Location: Room 305, 3F, Kobe International Conference Center



  • Photography, video recording, and audio recording are strictly prohibited in presentation rooms. Audio/video recording, or using other devices (smartphone, etc.) to photograph/record presentation videos being played on the viewing site are strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas.
  • Please refrain from posting contents about the presentations on SNS sites.
  • Please set your mobile phones to silent mode or turn them off in presentation rooms.